Converting your pdf to flipbook publications has never been easier than with flipb Software. We here at flipb, believe that you should take advantage of all the wonderful possibilities that are at your feet when creating your digital publications. The best way to get the most out of your digital publications is to display content in an easy to consume manner. Readers often ‘scan’ publications quickly so eye catching publications will grab your reader’s attention instantly. There are a lot of advantages in going digital; one of them being the way that you display your content and integrate interactive elements into your publication.

An online publication avoids using paper, you aren’t restricted to a certain amount of pages or space when you choose to go digital. As a result, you can add bigger images or videos and more detailed descriptions. With flipb, magazine software, you can add pop up images and videos, you can embed videos, images, and flash animation files, you can add unlimited internal and external links, and tons of other interactive features. On top of all the interactive features you can add to your publication, you can fully customize the digital viewer that your publication lives within. You also are not restricted by printing costs and can therefore customize your publication to your heart’s content.

The best way to get the most out of your publication is to fully integrate interactive features that will catch and capture your audience’s attention. Catching your reader’s attention on their purchase path with value adding images and videos will help you to capitalize on your digital publication whether that is a magazine or shopping catalog. With flipb Software, you can convert your pdf to flipbook publications such as catalogs, magazines, reports, guides, brochures, books, and newsletters.

Google, the web’s leading search engine, recently released a study that concluded that a majority of shoppers researched more information such as videos or store locations when shopping online. This could lead to the potential of your shopper being redirected to another product, site, or source and ultimately may lead to a different purchasing decision. The best way to circumvent your readers searching for additional content to support their purchasing decisions and possibly finding data that might make them stray from your product, catalog, or website is to provide them with support content. Videos make the best support material for purchasing decisions. The Google study also found that a majority of shoppers researched more info and took action after viewing videos. The best part about our desktop publishing software is that there are several different ways to implement videos throughout your publication so that they may be viewed by or utilized by different types of users.

Embedding Versus Pop Up

So what exactly is embedding? In its simplest for, embed means to surround or incorporate. Embed is a term used to describe an object, software, or hardware that is independent and does not need an external program or device to run it. More specifically, embedding refers to inserting a piece of code into your publication so your video will appear on the “front end”.

Pop up means to appear suddenly. The context, at which it applies to your publication, is that your video will play after your reader rolls over it with a mouse. The pop up will phase out the rest of the publication to better focus the reader on the video content.

Adding Videos to a flipb Publication

Creating or implementing a video has never been easier with flipb’s multimedia and links manager. You can add pop up videos or embed videos directly onto your publication. To embed your video into your publication simply select the video tool and import your video from your computer or from YouTube. To create a pop up video, simply select the link tool and drag your mouse over the area you would like to link, and import your video. You can import a video from your desktop or from YouTube. You can adjust the properties such as auto play, loop play, starting position, and width and height.

The best method to implement videos into your digital publication will vary depending on your needs, source and size, but will always be easy with one of the methods outlined above. Videos are hard to ignore and the correct video content can make or break the success of your publication. Here at flipb, we want to give the easiest and best way to implement your video content and capitalize on showcasing engaging videos that will capture your readers, shoppers, and customers. Take action today and start implementing your videos into your digital flipbook publications by downloading a free 30-day trial of flipb Software.